PHOENIX EDITION HOLSTER. The Spirit Totem holster by Idol Wares. Harness your inner archetype to embody the sacred. In stock

PHOENIX EDITION HOLSTER. The Spirit Totem holster by Idol Wares. Harness your inner archetype to embody the sacred. In stock
PHOENIX EDITION HOLSTER. The Spirit Totem holster by Idol Wares. Harness your inner archetype to embody the sacred. In stock
PHOENIX EDITION HOLSTER. The Spirit Totem holster by Idol Wares. Harness your inner archetype to embody the sacred. In stock
PHOENIX EDITION HOLSTER. The Spirit Totem holster by Idol Wares. Harness your inner archetype to embody the sacred. In stock
PHOENIX EDITION HOLSTER. The Spirit Totem holster by Idol Wares. Harness your inner archetype to embody the sacred. In stock

PHOENIX EDITION HOLSTER. The Spirit Totem holster by Idol Wares. Harness your inner archetype to embody the sacred. In stock

Phoenix edition - xl size spirit totem holster - in stock nowhere is a radical totemic holster/harness imbued with sacred and mythological symbolism. Resonant archetypes are integrated throughout this piece.

The beholder can emanate intentions through their chosen totem. Significant elements adorn this holster, designed to assist the wearer in their personal embodiment of the principles depicted through this animal spirit. Spirit totem - phoenix medicine; rebirthing after challenge adaption to adversitycyclical awareness and longevitycompassionate phoenix spirit has a long history in many cultures around the world. The strongest traits of the phoenix represent death and rebirth, to rise up from the ashes.

Known by other names in ancient egyptian mythology as the bennu, the resonance of this winged spirit is in it's ability to overcome changes through adaptability and to be born again with greater strength. Limited edition holster featuresour holsters are created from the softest luxury quality leathers. This'spirit totem' has been made with the finest sheep and goat hides. We hand select each hide in small batches, meticulously scanning the surfaces to ensure the most beautiful and flawless finished pieces are utilised. Every holster is handcrafted with a base backing material to add strength and provide shaping. Our technique of reverse appliqué, and the 3d embossed dna spiral motif, creates an unparalleled level of sophistication in our holsters. The'sacred g' inserts combine into the overall aesthetic to super charge the vibrational field of these pieces. All zippers are genuine ykk brass with the addition of custom casted pulls.

We also have custom casted the grommet, sacred g inlays, filigree and half moon rings, all exclusively hand made for each and every holster we create. The pockets are all fully lined with soft natural fabrics to protect your belongings. There are three small stash pockets and a total of five zippered pockets on each holster set. Two of the inner zippered pockets will fit a passport perfectly. The central back panel offers the convenience of a hidden pocket for discretely concealing any small items.

The unique custom brass grommets and half-moon (d) rings with lotus motif are to serve the purpose of being able to attach additional clips and chains to your harness to allow a more secure fit if you choose, the options are plentiful for hanging more amulets and embellishing to your individual taste. We were the first to introduce hand carved buffalo horn totem inlays in our holsters. Integrating all the elements into a functional and beautiful wearable art piece was our intention, through years of refinements we believe we have succeeded in this. The placement of the pockets, with zippered main compartments, and hidden rare earth magnets, create a safe container for your most precious items to be held close to your body.

The cuts of the panels are well adaptable to varying body types and can be worn over jackets, or raw to the flesh. The threads are high quality nylon for enhanced longevity and strength. Understanding your desires is what has compelled us to make the best holsters on the market. We have applied considerate attention to detailing so that your holsters will provide enjoyment through the seasons. These holsters were made to be worn as often as necessary, and enhance your existing image, or assist in redefining your style. We hope you feel absolutely awesome when you rock out with idol wares on you are your own god. Features summary premium goat and sheep leathers suits iphone 6+ or galaxy note 3 exotic reptile leather appliqué (python reticulatus) custom hand casted solid brass hardware ykk brass zippers on 5 pockets rare earth magnets in pocket flaps 7 pockets (2 x large, 2 x passport, 2 x business card, 1 x hidden) hand braided strap ends 3d padded inlays on straps leather wrapped metal rings nylon stitching new vertical inner passport pocket lined with cotton fabric hand carved water buffalo horn totem inlayproduction processwe chose one of the best jewelry carvers in bali to create our hardware from wax. Using the'lost-wax' technique to make rubber molds of each piece of hardware. We create wax templates that are applied to a spindle from witch the negative' ceramic mold is produced. The final pieces are hand polished and each one has the pins added by hand welding before being installed on the holsters. Most of our hardware is made exclusively for idol wares. You cannot find the hardware we use anywhere else, this sets us apart from others. Our team of balinese women work on each and every wax piece to ensure details are retained in the castings. There are over 40 women that work on the brass castings. The carving takes 2 - 3 days, the casting process can be completed in 1 - 4 days. We only do small batches of enough hardware for 5 - 10 holsters each time. The horn carving is hand carved by a young master' who lives in a small village outside of ubud, bali. After selecting the best post-consumer water buffalo horn, the rough disc is cut and shaped to size from the flattest and thickest section. Only one totem amulet can be made from each horn, the remaining horn is used for other carvings. All of our carvings are made to order, and not available in stores. Water buffalo are the most abundant bovine in south east asia. They are most commonly raised for the agricultural industry where they assist farmers in the laborious task of tilling the rice fields, helping to provide most of the staple food base for a massive portion of humanity. Water buffalo are one of the first domesticated beasts that have worked along side humans for millennia.

The horn material is exceptionally strong and holds very fine carving detail. One back totem carving takes approximately 2 - 3 days from start to finish. Once we have all the totemic embellishments casted and carved, and the individual skins have been selected.

We begin the assembly with our small family of tailors. Idol wares employs 3 main families, of which the husband and wives both participate in cutting, braiding and stitching the final holsters into a completed wearable art piece. Each holster takes a total of 3 - 4 days to assemble after all the other components are made. Our team work from their homes, with flexible hours and the freedom to live their lives beyond just working.

Through purchasing from idol wares, you are directly contributing to improving the lives of these talented artisans who have been born into less fortunate circumstance. This method of production is sometimes referred to as slow fashion', a more sustainable model as opposed to mass produced slave labour options that many large outlets promote and encourage.

Our products are not cheap, but they are made consciously. I manage the entire operation, from designing the pieces, taking the photos of my friends, marketing the content, all collateral media (logos, online ads, brand identity, etc) through to user testing the designs, cutting out patterns and all customer relations. This is a big project created without corporate backing it is with utmost gratitude that i can bring these visions into being, while working with some of the most amazing people and generate a loyal relationship with my customers who are often repeat supporters.

Idol wares began as mama medicina, while i was living in bali in 2012. My desire to have the most amazing gear to wear for myself, lead to designing the first holster set. Since then i have taken on many design challenges, and against many odds, have continued to build and grow into what is now a reputable brand. Materialsthe materials used in this piece are mostly post consumer sheep and goat leather from jakarta, indonesia.

The linings are from high quality cotton or satin, sometimes we use hand dyed batik, other times it is a woven pattern. Functionalitythese holsters are designed to offer comfort and practicality as well as dynamic style. They are cut to hug the body perfectly and the pockets sit nice beside the ribs to make accessing them easier for the user. There are two hidden internal pockets that are designed to hold passports and documents.

Also a secret pocket up in the central back panel to store your prized bits. Hand crafted from premium supple and soft goat/sheep/exotic reptile hides.

These are a must for any traveler, biker, or festival enthusiast. No more sitting on your wallets and worrying about bag snatchers. Embody the sacred badass that you were born to be. Testimonialthe holster is really, really top notch. I have been to many festivals and seen many holsters over the years, and this is the head of the class.

It looks good, is well made, and has a high level of functionality - the design was very well thought out, and the details are impeccable. I bought this as a present for my wife, and she absolutely loves it (she says the holster has "upped her game"), as do all of her friends. If you are thinking of getting one of these, you will not be disappointed.

I cannot recommend strongly enough - it looks even better in real life than it does in the photos. Also, i should add that the shop owner, pi ra, was incredibly helpful and communicative.

The holster is absolutely beautiful and is amazing workmanship. So much detail, it is by far the best i've seen.

It fits great and the roomy pockets don't interfere with arm movement. I swear the way it fits it even makes me really notice if i'm hunching over and reminds me to sit up straight. Thank you" mike reynolds, los angeles"absolutely stunning this holster is flawless and well worth the cost. I can't wait to rock this out on the playa. It is truly a beautiful and unique work of art.

Thank you so much pi ra" chad armstrong, los angeles"the craftmanship is beautiful. I have received numerous compliments on the piece already from festival goers and ordinary folks alike. 5'8 - 6'6 if you want a smaller holster to suit thinner body, please see our other listings.

PHOENIX EDITION HOLSTER. The Spirit Totem holster by Idol Wares. Harness your inner archetype to embody the sacred. In stock